A twist out is a great look that can be styled in so many amazing ways. It is a look that can be worn by both naturalistas as well as relaxed ladies out there. If you love curls then this is truly a look your must try.  Now it may take a  bit of time and may need to be redone after 2 -3 days but once you have the hang of doing it becomes a quick process.

How to get the look:

  1. Determine the position for your hairs parting
  2. Separate the hair into four large sections. clip three sections out of the way
  3. Detangle and moisturise the hair using water and a good mmoisturiser ( if using gel add some to the hair shaft at this point. Make sure the products are evenly spread throughout the hair. Twist the hair using a two strand  twist method (or you can flat twist the sections as shown in the video)
  4. Repeat the moisturising and twisting process across all the hair
  5. Allow  hair to dry
  6. Undo the twists and fluff  out the hair
  7. Go out and enjoy you twist out hair day


Check out this video guide to  getting a twist out!


The products featured in the video may not be available in SA but we recommend the following product alternatives.

  • Moisturiser – Try our home – made shea butter moisturiser recipe to add moisture and shine to your twists
  • Styling Gel –  For a longer lasting twist we recommend adding a bit of gel to the hair shaft before creating your twists.

Try it out and rate this look!

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