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Niche Hair Care, is a distributing company offering multicultural hair care products and accessories. We identify products that are renowned for their quality and that work as promised and distribute these within multiple sales networks throughout Southern Africa. Our mission is to change the hairdressing sector in South Africa through education on healthy hair care techniques and ensuring that quality hair products are readily available for all. Our offering covers a diverse portfolio of salon systems as well as retail offerings of shampoos, conditioners, moisturisers, strengthening treatments, styling products and hair tools. As one of Southern Africa’s leading suppliers of top quality and hair care products and accessories, we want our customers to place trust and confidence in Niche Hair Care and the brands we supply.



Design Essentials offers a strong commitment to improving the look and feel of your hair by providing healthy hair styling products that address and satisfy your specific hair needs. Our products are are infused with premium ingredients designed to work with you to achieve styling success. We understand that there are a myriad of hair types by nature and that hair care is a very personal and emotional experience. Our brands provide you with effective, professional-quality products that you can depend on to cleanse, condition, nourish, revitalize and restore your hair to its natural beauty. Our products are engineered to infuse hair with a natural balance of vitamins and protein that promote movement and manageability. We also offer educational literature and sponsor events aimed at improving knowledge of how our products can assist in designing a healthy hair care system

Product offering: Shampoos, conditioners, Leave-ins, Stylers, Finish and maintenance, Salon products



Tropic Isle Living is a health, beauty and wellness brand specializing in products which contain all-natural, nourishing ingredients sourced from Jamaica. Lois Hines deftly applies her more than 20 years of experience towards developing and marketing an extensive array of product offerings. The Tropic Isle Living product line thoroughly represents her philosophy of drawing from the abundance and restorative essence of nature to fully embrace one’s internal and outer health and beauty. It is this wellness-centric approach to hair and skincare that perfectly encapsulates her business and life mantra: “be bold, be beautiful, be you.”

Product offering: Shampoos, conditioners, Leave-ins, Black Castor Oil Skin and bath care



T444Z rejuvenates the scalp and at the same time stimulating the follicle to produce hair. Hair normally grows for a certain period of time then stops. Some follicles will become dormant and that is how hair loss occurs. In some cases, the follicles will just shut down with age, stress or medication. T444Z will address these problems by stimulating the normal hair production process.

Product offering: Shampoos, conditioners, moisturiser